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The consulting services of Onekey and Partners on restructuring will help enterprises re-evaluate the entire status of their organizational and business structure which help enterprises reorganize, restructure the organization and their business activities more effectively.

In some restructuring cases, businesses may consider voluntary bankruptcy for all or one of subsidiaries.

The services of Onekey and Partners will help businesses implement these procedures in a methodical, lawful and most beneficial way for businesses.

Our lawyers will advise about following problems:

  • Review and re-evaluate the current organizational and business structure of the business;
  • Consulting reorganization of enterprises, including rearrangement of Subsidiaries and associated companies;
  • Consulting and representative carrying out legal procedures and administrative procedures related to the reorganization of enterprises;
  • Implementing legal procedures to transform the business form;
  • Implementing legal procedures related to changing the ownership structure of enterprises;
  • Consulting and implementing legal procedures related to changing the structure of operations of enterprises.

Corporate bankruptcy consultancy includes:

  • Preparing legal documents for voluntary bankruptcy of enterprises;
  • Consulting, preparing legal documents to complain the Court’s decision about opening compulsory bankruptcy procedures;
  • Legal support in business recovery plans (if any);
  • Consulting on handling debts and assets of enterprises;
  • Consulting the activities of the Enterprise which may be banned or restricted after receiving the decision about opening bankruptcy procedures;
  • Handling disputes with any Third Party when the Enterprise carries out bankruptcy procedures;
  • Representing clients to work with the Court, creditors and third parties before and after receiving the decision about opening bankruptcy procedures.

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