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In addition to business and commercial law consulting, one of our strong services is services related to civil law. In order to resolve civil cases and civil lawsuits effectively and achieve high-quality consultancy, we establish a professional council consisting of member lawyers, legal experts and reserve experts in many specialized fields to assess, analyze, discuss specific cases. We provide consulting and representing customers in the process of resolving civil disputes and requests for customers. For details:

  • Divorce disputes, custody right disputes when divorced, change of custody right after divorce, the property disputes when divorced;
  • Property ownership disputes;
  • Civil contracts disputes;
  • Legacy disputes;
  • Non-contractual liability disputes;
  • Disputes over the right to use land and land-attached assets;
  • Legal consultancy and support related to civil relations involving foreign elements;
  • Other legal services such as consulting on personal rights and property rights of natural persons and organizations;
  • Other civil disputes prescribed by law.

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HOTLINE: 024 5678 8989