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Contract is one of the most important factors in trade. In order to have a contract with strict terms to limit the risks to the parties, Lawyers or Experts in consulting and drafting contract are not only knowledgeable about the law but also well-informed about business practices, especially negotiation and drafting skills. Onekey Lawfirm has a team of Lawyers experienced in advising, drafting, negotiating, and resolving a lot of big disputes in Commercial and Business contract, Civil… In this area, our service includes:

  • Consulting contract form consistent with the parties’ transactions;
  • Drafting contracts for goods sale / service provision; investment / business cooperation; real estate; construction; credit; mortgage; pledge; financial leasing; insurance…;
  • Reviewing and counsulting about contract amendments / drafting contracts for customers;
  • Consulting, drafting the contracts for business activities;
  • Being representatives of customers participate in negotiating and signing contracts;
  • Being representatives of customers negotiate and resolve disputes related to the Contract.

If you need legal advice in our area, please contact our lawyers via email info@onekeylaw.com or contact (+84) 2 45678 8989.

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