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Debt recovery activity requires the lawyers to be not only professional but also flexible, knowledgeable, having good ethics, and observe law to negotiate and resolve the cases.

The Scale of service includes:

  • Considerate legal status of documents and determine the legal basis to proceed debt recovery activities;
  • Verify, considerate financial capability, assets of the debtor to determine debt recovery ability and enforce civil judgments;
  • Represent the clients to meet, negotiate about debt recovery with the lender/ the debtor to resolve the debts;
  • Recommend other solutions to recover or solve the debts;
  • Make requirements, new deal (debit paper, plan for payback the debt, mortgages) as client’s requirements;
  • Represent or together with the clients to proceed sue procedures at the Court / Arbitration to recover the debts;
  • Represent or together with the clients to do requirement activities to enforce the jugdments / decisions of the Court / Arbitration atjudgment enforcement agencies.

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