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Individual image copyright of famous people is violated, How to claim for their right?

Individual image copyright of famous people is violated, How to claim for their right?

Nowadays, lot of people using Individual image of singers, actors, artist to advertise, print packing of products without their consent. So, how to protect famous people rights?

When influencer is used

The communication is more developed. Individual image is a more and more important role. One of them is in business operations. Especially, to artists, famous people, influencers. Their Individual image is more valuable. From social media to life, from luxury products to the ordinary. We can see Individual images of famous people is used to advertise for one product or service.

One worth complaining that some business is not allowed to use an individual image of famous people. On the other hand, the business is violating the provisions about using Individual image copyright. Such as images of the judge – people’s artist Hoang Dung is used to advertise for snore medicine. Image the King of Vietnamese music – Đàm Vĩnh Hưng is used to advertise for baldness medicine. The image of actor Cong ly is used to print the cover. It’s difficult to list exactly how many images of famous people are used unlawfully. Cause it lasts for a long time.

Accordance with the article 32.1 of Civil code 2015, each individual has rights with respect to his/her own image.

The use of an image of an individual must have his/her consent.

When an image of an individual is used for commercial purposes, that person is eligible for a remuneration, unless otherwise agreed.

If the use of an image violates the regulation prescribed in this Article, the image’s owner has the right to ask a court to issue a decision that compel the violator or relevant entities to revoke, destroy or stop the use of the image, compensate for damage and adopt other measures as prescribed in law.

Besides that, follow decree 158/2013/NĐ-CP provisioned to the punishment about violating individual image copyright.

The Law provisioned extremely clearly but some business doesn’t pay attention. Otherwise, influencers stopped at getting angry but less of them fill the lawsuit.

Onekey & Partner Lawfirm always along with famous people

To protect legitimate interest as well as prestige; the honor of famous people. You need to support from legal professional consultant firm.

In the IP Law field, Onekey&Partner law firm is the first choice of famous people in specific and of our community in general. We have a lot of experience in handling dispute and advocating relate to IP Law.

With an excellent lawyer and professional forces. Onekey & Partner law firm shall consult clients all pieces of information about the legal issue of individual image copyright; supervise, insure about clients image shall be used legally

When clients’ right is violated, we shall be claimed for theirs and help clients enjoy life.

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