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International commerce refers to the trade of goods, services via commercial contract.

Issues related to trade policies of countries around the world include: Trade in goods, trade in services, trade in intellectual property, investment in trade, import-export financing…

The International Commercial Lawyer must understand the rules of trading relationship in the trading policy of States.

Adjust the relationships between traders arising in the process of signing and implementing international trade transactions.

We are proud to be the leader in this field.

Consulting services in this field include:

  • Consulting about the legal regulations and practices in international purchases & sales transaction, intermediaries in international trade such as agents, outsourcing, trust fiduciary, international payment, international warehousing and transport, franchising, offshore investment, cross-border provision of service;
  • Consulting and representing customers and industry associations in initiating and investigating anti-dumping, subsidy and self-defense lawsuits;
  • Consulting and representing customers in the process of settling international trade disputes at a competent Court or Center of Arbitration;
  • Consulting, drafting contracts in international commerce; representing and/or participating in the negotiation and signing of these contracts with customer;
  • Consulting, drafting documentation required, representing customers in working with competent authorities in foreign countries and Vietnam to obtain necessary approvals for international commercial transaction.

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