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Labor & Jobs

Labor & Jobs

Onekey Law Firm has been consulting the Labor Law for many manufacturing enterprises having thousands of workers, especially FDI enterprises in industrial park, export proccessing zone. Lawyers, who are not only knowledgeable about the law but also well-informed about business practices and enterprise administration can find the best way on advising in this field. Our services in this field include:

  • Generally advising on Labor Law in Vietnam;
  • Advising, drafting and participating in negotiating labor contracts, collective agreements, internal labor regulations;
  • Advising, drafting, and completing internal processes of enterprises related to management and employment;
  • Advising on forms, orders, and procedures for labor discipline and material responsibility;
  • Advising on orders, procedures for allowance and insurance policies for employees when ending labor relations;
  • Advising and representing for customers to resolve labor disputes;
  • Advising foreign workers on the conditions, recruiting procedures, and jobs, make and apply dossiers of work permits for foreign workers working in Vietnam;
  • Advising foreign workers on exit and entry procedures, temporary residence registration, salary, income tax, and remittance abroad;
  • Advising on laws related to bringing Vietnamese workers to work overseas.

We are willing to receive any advice requests as well as represent customers to resolve different kind of legal issues.

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