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Lawyer Ha Kim Tam: The age of 4.0, Copyright of individual photo needs to be protected

Lawyer Ha Kim Tam: The age of 4.0, Copyright of individual photo needs to be protected

Individual right for photos is one of the basic terms of the human right is recognized and protected by law. Therefore, any act with attentive violation copyright is strictly dealt with in accordance with. Especially in The age of 4.0, Copyright of Individual photos need to be protected – Lawyer Ha Kim Tam affirmed. 

Personal benefits for photos

Accordance with Article 32, The Civil Code of Vietnam stipulates each individual has rights with respect to his/her own image. The use of an image of an individual must have his/her consent. When an image of an individual is used for commercial purposes, that person is eligible for a remuneration, unless otherwise agreed.

If the use of an image of an individual without his/her consent, the image’s owner has the right to ask a court to issue a decision to force the violator or relevant entities to revoke, destroy or stop the use of the image, compensate for damage and adopt other measures as prescribed in law.

Especially, The Civil Code also stipulates provison on handling admistrative violation about copyright infringement not yet allowed by its owner shall be liable to a fine of 1M – 3M VND; behavior of using picture to insult another person shall be liable to a fine of 10M – 20M VND.

Protection of personal image copyright in The age of 4.0

In the age when the media develops so rapidly, individual image is getting more and more important, becoming a new “business” trend of celebrities, and giving huge income from advertising.

However, this is also a “double-edge knife” causing many people to be abused copyright of individual photos, arbitrarily using images for personal purposes, infringing upon legitimate interests, or even insult, defame honor of this person.

Facing this situation, Mr. Ha Kim Tam emphasized: “In 4.0 Era, the copyright of Individual photos is must be protected”. Specifically, society becoming develop and modern technology make individual pictures become easy to be modification and post on social networking sites, can greatly affect the spirit and legitimate interests of individuals.

Lawyers also said that individual benefit with images recognized and protected by law are great significance for each of us. Besides, this also contributes to ensuring social order and education legal awareness, let everyone respect the copyright of pictures. When infringement depending on the nature, extent and consequences, they shall be dealt with in accordance with this according to the relevant legal framework.

Along with self-awareness of self-protection of your individual pictures, it is high time for people to condemn individuals and organizations that abuse their individual images illegally. Living and working under the Constitution Law and the law starts from very small things, which is to exercise human rights.

Onekey & Partners Law Firm with a team of legal experts, lawyers with a lot of experiences in the Civil, Responsible and Dedicated Law, helps to protect the legitimate rights of image copyright for each individual. In particular, Onekey & Partners also participated in many litigation cases, successfully defending the rights and interests of clients in complicated cases, make high value of property disputes … and creating resonance in the community.

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