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Merges & acquisition enterprises (m&a), brokerage, and transfer projects consulting

Merges & acquisition enterprises (m&a), brokerage, and transfer projects consulting

The M&A market in Vietnam existed before the Competition Law – the first legal document to stipulate this issue was enacted.

To conduct M&A transactions, investors must comply with many legal regulations that specifically regulate each aspect of this activity, such as the Competition Law, the Enterprise Law, the Investment Law, Securities Law, the Labor Code…

However, to understand and apply flexibly, exactly the sources of law regulating each issue in the M&A is not easy for the participants.

Onekey & Partners, which is professional law firm with many Lawyers experienced in this field, ready to consult the best solutions to clients, when conducting M&A transactions.

Consulting services in this field include:

  • Consulting about process and procedure of conducting M&A transactions and legal related issue;
  • Conducting legal Due Diligence (DD) for the operation of enterprise/assets is subject to Mergers and Aquisitions or businesses related to Merger and Acquisition transactions;
  • Consulting Business valuation;
  • Drafting, reviewing and/or participating in negotiating agreements and contracts related to Mergers and Acquisitions (sale and purchase, transfer of shares, capital contribution contracts; business asset purchase and sale contracts);
  • Consulting about arrangement and reorganization of enterprises’s activities related to Mergers and Acquisitions transactions;
  • Consulting and representing clients to carry out the registration procedures for M&A activities at competent state agencies, including procedures for notifying / applying for permission at the competition administration authority and / or specialized management agency.

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