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Practical corporate governance practices show that most enterprises have not really focused on the usage of regular legal counsel services and have not considered it as a preventive and restrictive solution in the business process and corporate governance. When they have been called to lawyers to “rescue”, the vast majority of their troubles have been late because of the adverse legal status or not being consulted carefully about transaction establishments before signing.

Therefore, regular legal consulting is really important in businesses.

Proud of being the leading law firm in Vietnam with advanced legal services, we regularly accompany with the Business community to provide legal advice and support for hundreds of businesses.

Having accompanying lawyers in business and governance activities is like “vaccination” for businesses.

Our regularly advisory services include:

  • Consulting and answering questions of enterprises about legal issues related to business activities;
  • Consulting about issues related to internal organization of clients;
  • Consulting about business management; building, developing and protecting intellectual property rights of enterprises; labor law; wage; work; insurance; land; business assets; legal documents of enterprises;
  • Consulting about the provisions of Vietnamese law about contracts, and providing legal solutions and practical solutions for clients in the process of negotiating about contracts with partners;
  • Regular providing the latest legal documents that are relevant or likely to affect the production and business of the enterprises;
  • Reviewing the legality of the documents prepared by the Enterprise or assisting clients in drafting contracts and transaction documents;
  • Participating as a consulting lawyer of clients in negotiating and signing contracts;

Providing forms to work with state agencies. Updating, analyzing new laws and policies related to business activities.

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