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Regulations about Intellectual Property

Regulations about Intellectual Property

Onekey & Partner, the Intellectual Property agency in Vietnam, cooperates with many law firms and Intellectual Property agency around the world; we provide legal consulting service on Intellectual Property Law not only in Vietnam but also in the world. The scope of this service includes:

a. Consulting on protection Trademark, Industrial Designs, Patents/Utility solution:

– Searching, consulting on the possibility of Trademark, Industrial Design, Patents/ Utility Solution registration;

– Amending, transferring, renewing Trademark Registration Certificate;

– Consulting, Representing Customers to protect Trademark, Industrial Design, Patents/ Utility Solution;

– Consult and support customers to build brand, trademark development strategy;

– Representatives of Customers register in Viet Nam and other countries;

b. Consulting on protection Copyright:

– General consulting on Copyright law;

– Registration of copyright and related rights;

– Consulting and performing copyright transfer/license procedure;

– Complaining, suing copyright violations;

c. Consulting on license/ transfer Intellectual Property

– Consulting on licensing the right to use or ownership of protected intellectual property objects in Vietnam;

– Representing Customers to perform legal procedure relating to registration and approval of

license agreements and technology transfer agreements;

– Representing or supporting customers to negotiate a transfer contract;

– Consulting on complaints, handling violations and resolving Intellectual Property disputes;

– Representing customers to file complaints, request for cancellation of Certificate or other

measure to resolve Intellectual Property disputes;

– Following up and supervising the process of Intellectual Property dispute resolution;

– Investigating and resolving violations of Intellectual Property;

– Supervising to detect and complain that the violating party seeks to legalize Intellectual Property violations;

– Supervise market to detect counterfeiting and other Intellectual Property violations;

– Investigating information on violator and their violations activities;

– Handling violations, complaining and suing to competent authorities / courts to protect Intellectual Property rights.

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