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Onekey and Partners provides clients with comprehensive corporate governance advices as well as legal compliance, thereby reducing or preventing the risks of civil, criminal, administrative penalties or other risks which are likely to adversely affect businesses, ensuring the reputation and image of organizations and individuals which are protected.

Consulting service in this field includes:

  • Consulting establishment of enterprises, branches and representative offices;
  • Consulting change the content of business registration;
  • Consulting the conversion of type of enterprises;
  • Consulting, drafting and completing the internal management regulations and the Company Charter;
  • Consulting, drafting and review internal Decisions, Resolutions and Minutes to ensure compliance with the Charter and legal regulations;
  • Consulting the organization of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Members’ Council meeting, the Board of Directors and approving decisions of enterprise;
  • Consulting, drafting and completing monthly/quarterly/annual reports of enterprises for state management agencies in the process of business operations.

If you want to consult about Corporate Governance & Compliance with laws services, please contact our member lawyers via email: info@onekeylaw.com or number: (+84) 2 45678 8989.

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