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As a leading Vietnamese Law firm in legal consultancy in the field of Real Estate and Construction, Onekey and Partners is able to advise all of a Real Estate & Construction project, includes:

  • Collecting, providing information in planning and state policies on investment in Real Estate projects;
  • Introducing the location of Real Estate investment projects;
  • Consulting, negotiating, drafting, signing agreements of investment cooperation, transferring Land Use rights among investors to implement projects;
  • Consulting, drafting, reviewing and representing investors in negotiation of contracts in the field of construction investment including EPC contracts;
  • Consulting, drafting documents and representing customer submit documentation in the period of investment preparation and project implementation;
  • Consulting about conditions, sequence, and procedures for capital mobilization; drafting documentation and building capital mobilization process for the project;
  • Consulting about conditions, sequence, procedure of ending investment and exploitation, using of construction projects;
  • Consulting about transfer and lease projects; and
  • Other issues related to the project.

With a large team of Lawyers, experts who have successfully solved thousands of projects, we are confident and willing to bring our clients the best and safest consulting services.

If you want to consult about Real Estate and Construction with laws services, please contact us via email: info@onekeylaw.com or number: (+84) 2 45678 8989.

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