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How to protect individual images for football players?

How to protect individual images for football players?

Vietnam football solely is at the peak and has been received more cherish of fans. Therefore, many organizations have been using football player’s images to advertise for their products without owner’s consent. So how to protect individual images for football players?

Many player’s images have been used illegal

Returned from Changzhou (China) with many trophies as second place of U23 Asia, got into quarter-final Asian Cup, Won Championship in AFF 2018 and lately received second place of King’s cup, Vietnamese football players  have been got more and more favorite from the football fans.

Therefore, many organizations have been taking advantage of that love and using football player’s images to make a profit. We can see the football player’s images were used for advertisement purpose of food, items, etc. The problem is many of the organizations have used the player’s images without asking. The personal images of players like Quang Hai, Cong Phuong, Dinh Trong… or even coach Park Hang Seo is being used by many brands without permission.

Accordance with Article 32of the Civil Code 2015 of Vietnam, When an image of an individual is used for commercial purposes, that person is eligible for a remuneration, unless otherwise agreed. If the use of an image violates the regulation prescribed in this Article, the image’s owner has the right to request a court to issue a decision that compel the violator or relevant entities to revoke, destroy or terminate the use of the image, compensate for damage and adopt other measures as prescribed in law.

Therefore, to protect individual benefit, the football players need an organizationthat specialize in legal counsel to help them avoid situations when individual images are being used without permission.

Onekey & Partners – Protect individual images for the football players

In the legal issues about individual images, brands and intellectual property, Onekey & Partners law firm is a professional and prestige organization. Especially, this is one of our strength.

Throughout 5 years of operation, Onekey & Partners had resolved successfully many cases about copyright’s images and brand; worthy to be an individual image protector for not only the football players but also everyone.

Onekey & Partners will advise for the issues related to legal images. We will resolve an issue when the client’s individual images were used illegal, then protect client’s benefit. Besides, our law firm will compiles and negotiate contract with organization that want to use our client’s individual images for advertising purposes.

The football players or anyone can trust their’s benefit will be protected by Onekey & Partners because all of our lawyers are professionals with many years of experience both in domestic and foreign sectors. With our wide, deep knowledge and understanding, Onekey & Partners lawyer not only certainly protect the players individual images benefit but also bring the players and their management unit more solution comprehensive.

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